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New Social Media and Other Progress!

15 June 2020 - Now that Bear March has been out for a few months, we are starting to get a better feel for the direction the website should head in. For the website to be able to make the most of some of the features we have planned, we need many more users. To help with that, we have created Facebook and Instagram pages! Our purpose with those is to regularly post some of the tips found on Bear March, as well as promote some Veteran Owned Businesses. We have other ideas for social media as well, but for now our goal is to get more people using Bear March.

On the Gear page, we have also added a Boots section. Here you will find the most popular boots, and over time you will see which boots are the favorites! There is also a button beside the "Guides" title on the homepage where you can request a specific topic of Guide, if you are logged in.

One of the main things we have added, which we believe will be hugely popular in time, are the Versus style of Guides. These feature vs component to them, comparing different things in the Canadian Armed Forces. Members will be able to vote on which they prefer, and also be able to add tips or comments under each category. This will definitely evolve over time!

Lastly, we have spoken with some of the more popular CAF centered meme pages. Most of them have agreed to collaborate with Bear March! We will continue to look into how best to integrate their memes onto Bear March! Please email any questions, ideas, or concerns to hello@bearmarch.ca!

Welcome to Bear March v1.0!

30 Nov 2019 - This site was built by veterans, with the intent of enlightening Canadian Armed Forces applicants. We want to provide applicants with real, objective information to give them the best chances for success. Since this site is intended for applicants of every branch/trade, the Guides are able to be filled with Tips from current/retired members so we can cover as many topics as we can! Over time, we would like to grow Bear March to include things such as:

  • More robust CFAT Trainer. We plan on using the Unity game engine to create a much more in depth trainer. At least for Spatial Ability.
  • Boot rating system. We would like to display many of the common boots, and have members able to vote on their favorites. This should help out applicants as most will never have worn our style of boots.
  • CAF centered memes! We loved the Cpl Bloggins Facebook page, and would like to bring it back. Albeit with some restrictions so we don't run into the same problems Cpl Bloggins had. As ferocious as some people were to each other, overall it actually fosters CAF pride and camaraderie!
  • Forums, with focused topics. It's early to elaborate, but things along the lines of a "BMQ Course 42069" as a topic for people to meet each other before course.
  • Navigation Trainer. Either through videos, or the Unity game engine again, we would like to include a trainer so everyone can practice Map and Compass skills. Many trades will have to use a Map and Compass at some point in their careers. Like leadership courses!

There's also a few other things we have planned, but it is too early in the game for that! So wishlist above being said, this site is still being developed and run by a single person. While we do work fast, and would like to expand Bear March, our first priority is fleshing the site out and making changes based on your feedback! We welcome all constructive feedback, as we intend for this to be a platform to help future Canadian Armed Forces members succeed. Please email any questions, ideas, or concerns to hello@bearmarch.ca!


Listed here are all the Guides we have available for Tips! You can use the filter to find a topic you are looking for specifically, and you don't need to click any button to do so. The page will filter as you type or select tags! We have tried to come up with as many topics for Guides as we can, but if there is something you would like to request, please send us an email!

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